Kids Unlimited


Kids Unlimited

Children often need a "grownup who can help" and that is what we strive to do.  Children experience things in life that they may not know how to share.    This can "come out sideways!"  We work with children, their parents and guardians with positive, exciting behavioral plans, games and activities to release the bottled up feelings and to help them reach their very own "Unlimited Potential!"

Kids Unlimited Crafts

Crafts and Art are a fun form of expression.  Many stories spring from making something from things that we would throw away.  We recycle in a creative way utilizing art to recycle thoughts!

Please see some of our crafts at the bottom of this page.

Play is Therapy

We cook, we build, we play games, we pretend and play.  Many interesting thoughts and ideas are produced.

EFT Tapping for Children

EFT is an acronym for Emotional Freedom Technique and Tapping is a fun and very effective way of helping children and adults to focus and reduce anxiety and fears.  

Please see more on The Tapping Solution web site at:  

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